Full Steam Ahead!

Hi everyone,

So, everything is running again. After a crazy week without sleep, we finally have our new solution ready and deployed. Currently only USA Netflix is unblocked. Each new region added costs a lot of money, so we will only be adding a handful of regions.

uFlix now works on all devices, but you need to install our little router on your network. Currently, the supported router is the TP-LINK MR3020. If you purchase one of these from eBay or your local computer store you can follow the instructions at https://uflix.com.au/setup/urouter/ and it will allow our service to run on all devices.

We will be adding support to another router later this week for users who want a more powerful WiFi signal and LAN ports on the router. So stay tuned for that. You will be able to see the new router firmware available on the uRouter setup page.

Some users are still using our smartDNS service from before. This does still work for some users, but it will eventually fail as Netflix updates their network. Once that happens, please read our setup guides again (they have been updated) and setup our VPN on your devices.

Currently you can setup our VPN on PC, Mac, iOS and Android without the use of the uRouter.

We do however encourage users to have a uRouter at their house as we can perform complex tasks on them without any further work for the user. It will also allow us to implement great new features at a later date which will not be available on non-uRouter devices.


uFlix Team.