This Is uFlix!

EDIT: Updated @ 06/03/2016 – Click to view update.


Hi everyone,

So, we have some good news and some bad news.

Netflix has taken extremely aggressive measures to prevent people from bypassing their region. The measures taken are extremely difficult to get around and very expensive to do. They are also technically complex. This gives us two options; We can either call it quits or we can keep fighting. We have decided that we have not even broken into a sweat yet so we will keep going. The good news is bittersweet, so please read it carefully.

We are working on a special VPN that will get Netflix working on computers and any other device that allows a VPN setup on it. This will allow you to use your uFlix credentials to continue to bypass the stupid georestrictions for Netflix. At the moment we are focusing only on USA and UK Netflix. Again, this will only work on computers and some devices that will allow a VPN connection.

However, for those of you who want to use your Smart TV’s or any other “non-VPN” device to watch Netflix on, we will have a solution for you too, but it comes with a bit of an extra step. We have found small wifi routers that will allow you to plug them into your main router. These routers will act as a VPN tunnel to our network. The routers are cheap and available at most computer stores and of course on eBay. We will provide a download link for our custom firmware for these routers that will allow you to install it on the routers by following our simple instructions. At that point, Netflix will also work on non-VPN devices.

We will always stick to our privacy policy and no routers will be used for logging. snooping, or any other form of data retention that will compromise our users privacy.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and we refuse to roll over and cop it sweet for standing up for the right thing. Failure is not an option.

Monthly subscriptions will unfortunately have an increase in price to accomodate for this new system. However, please know that we are keeping the price as low as possible . Current subscribers will be able to keep their $2 per month subscription. We will announce new pricing once the new system is up and running.

Current ETA is just after this weekend. (07/03/2016)

We also ask that users do not submit a support ticket regarding the Netflix issue as we are already working on it.

uFlix Team.