No Retreat, No Surrender

Hi everyone,

Okay, so here we go. This is the first update of the new rollout. This will be done in a few small stages. First, a quick rundown.

As you all are aware, our previous update went over VPN’s and mini-routers. In the early hours of this morning we put everything to the test and… IT WORKS! We were able to successfully get Netflix USA to play on all devices (Computers, TV’s, iPad’s, Tablets, DVD Players, etc). This is a huge breakthrough as we were able to repeat it successfully time and time again on different networks, countries and Netflix users. So, here is what we are going to do and what you need to do.


Stage 1 – Computer Users

The first stage of the rollout will be for computer users. Using our VPN, we are going to ask all of you to test it out. We are writing instructions for this at the moment and finishing up the final touches on our network to accommodate for this huge change. Once done we will release another update with the instructions so you can all test it and get back to watching USA Netflix.


Stage 2 – Purchase Mini-Routers (optional)

For those of you who want to watch Netflix on “non-vpn” devices (TV’s, Gaming Consoles, etc) you will need to purchase a mini-router that you will then flash with our custom firmware. These routers can be purchased from most computer stores and ebay. This is what you need to buy;

TP-Link MR3020 – The cheapest we can find them is @ Kogan for $37AUD

It is a small router which is made for wifi in a single room. So keep this as close to the device as possible. You will then need to load the router with our custom firmware (we will provide instructions for this). It is easy to do and once done will enable VPN on all of the devices connected to it.

NOTE: Those of you who have routers at home that support VPN, you will be able to setup our VPN directly on them and not need to purchase the TP-Link.


Stage 3 – Firmware Rollout

We will be releasing instructions on how to load up our firmware on those little routers. Once this is done, Netflix should be working on all of the home devices again. At this point, the entire rollout will be complete for all users.





Due to the massive amount infrastructure we have had to purchase for our Network we are going to need to raise the price of the subscription. We will be releasing pricing within the next week. This is unfortunate but the price of keeping the unblocking working has gone up substantially. We are going to keep the new pricing as low as possible.



uFlix Team.