Netflix Update

Hi everyone,

As of today we are going to stop supporting Netflix as an unblocked channel. Unfortunately every time we set up a new network or find a workaround it is getting blocked within hours. Over the last 7 months we have put in a great amount of time, money and energy into keeping Netflix unblocked. We have usually been up and running within a couple of hours of each ban. However, this has greatly drained our resources and our time.

We have always made sure to have at least 2 spare networks ready for when a ban happened, which was extremely expensive but gave us the best channel uptime. In recent weeks the bans have steadily progressed, sometimes to multiple times per day. It simply is not viable to keep supporting a channel like that.

Now, in light of this news we have added Amazon Instant Video (Prime) as an unblocked channel. They have a great range of content and should help fill the gap. Our other channels are also working so please take advantage of them.

Should Netflix one day decide to turn it back a notch, we will resume unblocking their service.

We will be sending out a mass e-mail tonight to inform all of our customers.

uFlix Team.