Netflix Fix – Stage 1 of 3 Complete

Hi everyone,

Yesterday night we released a fix for Mac and PC regarding Netflix. Currently both can now access USA Netflix again. You can read the instructions of setting it up @

We will be releasing the fix for other devices during the week.

We have been getting questions asking us why we have opted to go down the sVPN path rather than keep using smartDNS method. The answer to this is that although we managed to get Netflix running using only smartDNS (not released to customers, tested internally only), the chances of Netflix blocking it are much higher than the sVPN method.

Our new method is not a full VPN and will only send certain traffic through our servers, not all of your internet traffic in general. Due to the way we have it working, it should be more resilient to Netflix’s round of blocks in the future.

We will release more updates soon. For the time being, those of you who are getting blocked/proxy errors on your PC or Mac, please test out our new VPN and let us know if it is working. Some of you may get low-quality streaming for the time being. We are currently looking into this issue and working on it.

Other devices will have a fix available for them during the week.

uFlix Team.